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PSA and Coronavirus precautions

I am new to this community and so have missed whatever discussions you've already had about living in pandemic times while on biologics. I just started taking Cosentyx two weeks ago. What do you do/not do? Do you go to public spaces? Do you go inside stores if others inside are not masked? Do you travel on planes? If you are a grandparent, do you hug your grandkids who are unvaccinated and in school? What do your doctors advise in terms of precautions?

  1. Hello, I have been on Cosentyx for the past 4 months. My doctor has told me to wear a mask in public places, avoid big crowds indoors, social distance and avoid being around anyone who is currently sick with anything contagious. For now I don't travel on planes or public transportation or hug. I will start doing that again once covid has subsided. I recently got my third (booster) covid vacination to bump up my immunity. Biologics make me susceptible to catching viruses and bacterial infections so I'm very careful with covid and flu-seasons. I rarely get take out food but never dine in yet. I visit with vaccinated friends in person outside without a mask and indoors with a mask. I don't hang out with unvaccinated people but visit online and phone. I don't hang out with people who have just traveled or been on a plane until they have been back for a week. I'm careful, but I still have a good time with people. Good luck with your process. Be well. Cynthia Hunter

    1. Thank you! So helpful

  2. Hi @Lhuyck, welcome to our community. We are so glad you are here. While I hope our community members will chime in with their personal experiences, I am sending over an article about biologics and covid: I am also sending you over a link to the National Psoriasis Foundation that offers more information about covid: It is certainly a confusing and scary time, I am glad you have reached out. We are here for you. Jill, Team Member

    1. thank you! Extremely helpful!

  3. Hi
    At the start in 2020 my rheumatology nurse said it’s nothing to worry about as the biological only affects one part of our immune systems. They quickly changed that advice though and now remind me often that the vaccines do not offer the protection that other members of society get.
    I have basically been shielding since March 2020, working from home and only going out for light exercise and fresh air when there is nobody else around. Luckily I live in a remote part of the UK so usually only a few other people from the village out and about through the day. We all give each other a wide berth and talk from 10 yards away, which is fun.
    In the UK I believe that the immunosupressed have been left entirely to make their own decisions with regards to safety as they have dropped all the basic safeguards in our society like mask wearing, working from home and reduced numbers at gatherings.
    We get all our shopping delivered and have not been to a store since the start. I have to say, I will probably still get everything delivered even once covid has gone, it’s a lot easier and cheaper than driving 20 miles to the nearest town for some baked beans! 😊
    Personally I won’t be changing any of my habits any time soon.
    Hopefully in the next 12 months the COVID-19 cases will drop into the background like flu, which we have to be careful of each year anyway, and we can get back to some kind of normal like the rest of the population are already.

    Stay safe and just do what you feel happy with.
    Take care 👍

    1. Thank you! It is helpful to know I am not the only one continuing to deep shelter. I live in a very rural area too. We can't get groceries delivered, but luckily there is a co-op that does curbside pickup. I really appreciate your reply and I am sad for you that masking is no longer required.

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