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Pain with no swelling and normal inflammation blood tests now

Hi everyone! I have been diagnosed since last May and have so far been treated with Methotrexate (taken off when the tests showed liver damage, all better now), Diclofenic (taken off after having blood when using the restroom (I know, sorry), Humira and Low Dose Prednisone (on now).

Still experience pain with normal inflammation

My blood tests are showing normal for inflammation. I don't now and have never had much swelling in my joints and never in my fingers and toes, although they do hurt. I am wondering if anyone still has a lot of pain when the inflammation levels are normal? Thanks lots!

  1. Oh and also, I don't have psoriasis!

    1. Hi MelMac,

      Sorry that you’re going through all that! I’ve definitely had pain without noticeable inflammation. Sometimes I think it’s PsA pain, sometimes I think it’s more of a “chronic pain” issue - that the pain pathways have gotten really well worn. Muscle relaxants that my rheum prescribed for nighttime really helped with the latter. Even when things were at their worst for me, I would get some swelling in my fingers and wrist, but nothing too serious - though the pain level was high! I’m not sure the pain and inflammation always go hand-in-hand. Hope it all gets sorted out soon. Humira worked wonders for me, but it took a little while to kick in.

      1. I'm the same. Low inflammation levels but still riddled in pain. I don't know what is going on. Don't think it is "chronic pain" and that I'm imagining it as pain killers like Panadol and Tramadol help. The Pain Clinic says chronic pain doesn't respond to pain killers so this is a mystery to me.

        1. Hi thanks for responding. Wow they actually told you that at the Pain Clinic. Sometimes I think these people think we are making all this up. I take tramadol as well and it helps me so I guess I am imaging my pain as well. Hope you get answers. By answers I mean the right answers. Let us know how your doing. Vickie W., Community Moderator

      2. I’ve rarely had swelling but do have constant pain in my joints. I don’t seem to respond to any pain killers so no longer bother taking them.
        Inflammation levels in my blood are mostly normal but my rheumatologist said that is common in PsA.

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