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Can Psoriatic Arthritis Cause Pain & Numbness in the Feet?

I'm hoping someone can push me in the right direction here.
I haven't seen a doctor yet because I simply can't afford it. Maybe someone here has the same symptoms I do?

Foot pain and numbness

It started last year. I'd come home from work and my feet would just throb until I went to sleep. I figured it was due to working on my feet and then having to walk home every day (car broke down). Well, I haven't worked since January and my problems have only gotten worse. I was thinking maybe an issue with my circulation because my feet tingle and my toes get ice cold. The tops of my feet are very sensitive to touch. My son was playing and tapped my foot, it hurt so bad! But where my feet are sensitive to touch/pain, they are also very numb. Earlier I was standing on the concrete in the hot sun and my feet didn't burn at all. Socks and shoes make them hurt. I was told I have psoriasis on my feet by a doctor years ago and I have these constant red patches of skin on my feet.
Is it possible that this condition is causing me so much constant pain?
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  1. Hi @Kimmandy. It is always possible it is a symptom of PsA, but it could also have several other causes. Numbness and tingling in the feet can be a sign of poor circulation, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, nerve entrapment, vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and a whole host of other issues. The good thing is that many of these potential causes can be ruled out or confirmed with one batch of blood tests. The one thing they all have in common is that they really need medical attention. Are you without insurance at all? Could you possibly qualify for Medicaid? Please do get it checked out as soon as you are able, at least the initial appointment and the blood tests. Sending lots of hugs! – Lori,, Team Member

    1. I'm undiagnosed, but have similar symptoms. I work as a pandemic cleaner at an auto finance company as well as weekly housekeeping services for some penthouse style apartments and am walking, bending, stooping and standing for 8 hours, plus what needs done between my husband and I when we get home(store, cleaning, dog etc) and I have to buy new shoes about every 6 months or sooner. Quite a bit of the time, my 3 outer toes on each foot are numb and or tingly, my heels feel like there is a chisel being hammered up to separate the heel bone, the top of my ankle feels like there's been a too tight rubber band around it and I think I may possibly have a cyst on my left top ankle and the ball of my foot has an electric shock and extreme pain that hurts to put pressure on. I also have scoliosis and sciatica, and injured my hips about 10 years ago when I fell down a flight of stairs, so those may be partial culprits as well maybe? I need to get to the doctor now that I have insurance again.

      1. That all definitely sounds painful . Please update us when you do go see a doctor. I used to do housecleaning as an occupation. It is so hard when we bend, walk and all the other things associated with that type of job. I hope you find some relief soon. Vickie W., Community Moderator

      2. Thank you. I will be sure to update😀

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