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Opiates for pain

I have been taking 5mg Hydrochodon twice daily for chronic pain. Does anyone else have a similar regiment?

  1. Hi . You are far from alone, unfortunately. Opioids should be a last resort and they are for many people who have found no other effective treatments. Have you not had success with other treatments or with medication to slow your progression? Does 5mg Hydrocodone twice daily bring you enough relief to get through each day? Thinking of you and wishing you the best. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Thank-you for your reply. Well I was unable to use any type of antinflamatory for 5 years due to a heart medication I was on and also I will be on a blood thinner (eliquis) for the rest of my life.Once I had my heart ablation and it proved successful, I was able to get off the Tikosyn ( heart medication) I, after much effort talked my Dr. Into closely modertoring celebrix so I am on that along with my Sulfasalazine 1500mg 2X daily. I also yesterday had my 2nd 150mg injection of Skyrizi.
      The Hydrocodine 5mg caplets I take help my pain immediately but they don't cover the entire day,that's for sure! 1 in the am and one in the pm. Voltaren on my shoulders and thumb and across my lower spine. I am half afraid to ask any of my Drs.for more hydrcodone because everyone around my hometown acts as if it's taboo! The fact is it does help,I take it only as directed and geesh I will be 70 in December! Not looking for an other problem. I probably have had 50 injections over the years especially before I retired from 32 years at General Motors.
      I was pretty sure I am not alone wanting as much freedom from this pain as I can get. Thankyou,Bob Williams

      1. , you are not alone in taking this medication for help with pain. It can be a hard thing to talk about. I admire your courage in bringing up this topic.
        My rheumatologist prescribes hydrocodone for me. My disease has caused extensive joint damage. Five of my large joints were replaced before I turned 50. My disease is hard to control in spite of biologics, DMARDS, a low dose daily steroid and lifestyle changes (better diet, daily exercise etc)
        Initially I rarely took the medication. During a routine appointment my rheumatologist's nurse asked if I needed it re-filled. I said, "No." My husband told her that I was reluctant to take it. She simply said, "You doctor prescribes it for you because he knows that you will need it." Per clinic or possibly state regulations I have signed an agreement with him about its use. I use it only as prescribed and yet still can feel ashamed. You used the word "taboo" and it fits this topic perfectly.
        I have a number of pain relieving strategies like topicals, rest, heat/ice but when the pain is intense and I cannot concentrate on anything else, I know that I need the relief that hydrocodone allows me.
        Pain drains energy and steals peace. Chronic pain takes a toll. I think its OK to allow ourselves some relief so we can be more present in our lives for ourselves and for those who love us.
        Thanks for sharing your story!

    2. I go to a Pain doctor and take both tramdol and Norco for back pain, I use Norco only for break through pain and usually limit it to once every 4 days, but take tramadol regularly for several years. I have been through every biologic, I am on my eighth one now, Tremfya for almost a year, so far it has been working fairly good. We have been having a lot of stormy weather in So. Cal, this has given me lots of flares, I guess PsA does not like High pressure fronts? 😟 I mostly have enthesitis pain everywhere, last count was around 40 joints when it flares. Anyone get it outside the hips at the bursa area? It will be worse after sitting for a while, have trouble walking.
      Also have SFN/FMS with autonomic problems, which for some reason become worse when it gets close to my next Biologic shot, must be all the inflammation?

      1. I'm pleased to see others discussing serious pain management drugs. My experience is that even those of us with PSA shy away from admitting that we depend on these medications. The result is that those who do, feel like weaklings. For my part I rely on 100mg of Tramadol. The dose is kept fairly low because it works in some of the same pathways as the anti-depressant that I take. Thankfully it is enough so far.

        1. thank you for responding. I am glad you found relevance in this article. We aim to provide information that everyone can find relevant. I am also glad to hear your pain medication is working. I have been on tramadol but not on it currently. It wasn't by my choice though. I had to switch doctors and unfortunately the new doctor doesn't believe in keeping someone on it for a long period of time. Vickie W., Team Member

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