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Anyone else receive negative HLA blood test?

I am HLA-B27 negative too. It can be super frustrating when blood work doesn’t seem to match up with our symptoms. I would be curious to hear everyone else’s experiences with this I have been having a really bad flare this year and had another blood test done I've had many over the last 37 years and it came back negative shows no inflammation at all.

  1. Hi , always get a negative result. Both my brother and sister test positive, it's been so hard to get a P and Specialist to take my arthritis seriously but finally received a formal diagnosis 6 days ago and now getting the right medications sorted out. I have always had CRP etc tests come back without showing "high" levels and my body doesn't "swell" like others with inflammation. It wasn't until both my plantar facias self destructed and a MRI revealed what was happening but I had no visible swelling. Finding a test that shows what is going on is difficult.

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