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Muscle Relaxants and Pain

Hello, I am curious to know if muscle relaxants are common in pain therapy with PsA? I have used Methocarbamol to help alleviate some of the pain in my right hip, which has been debilitating at times this past week.

Currently I am on 25 mg/1 mL SC injectable Methotrexate for the PsA.

  1. Hi and welcome to the community!

    Methocarbamol is often prescribed for many different types of arthritis for the muscle aches - usually on an "as needed basis."

    Let me reach out to some of our other members to see if any of them have more personal experience with it!

    1. Hello, I am using Baclofen, a 10mg muscle relaxer. in the morning and evenings (supposed to increase to 3 times a day), along with Humira, 40 mg every other week, and Methotrexate, 20 mg every week.
      My rheum suggested them a while back to loosen my muscles up some and I kept refusing until I woke up a couple of mornings with spasms in my back. I have noticed that I am not as tight as usual and those dreadful spasms are gone..

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