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Medicare approved New Drugs??

I’ve been on methotrexate for probably 8 years. I was having a severe psoriasis problem with scales, looked like lizard skin on my legs. Methotrexate alone didn’t resolve the scales so my dermatologist got me on a study for Embrel. Within 8 weeks I was clear of the scales and 90% clear of psoriasis. Never had any of the side effects listed in these posts, but I always take my pills with food during breakfast or dinner and blood is tested every 6-12 months. Then the psoriatic arthritis started up and is bad now. It’s in my fingers (can’t even bend several), hips, lower back and now my feet and toes. I’ve been getting infusions of Simponi. I was on Embrel until I got on medicare last year and it won’t pay for Embrel or Humara. Now the arthritis is making it hard to walk and the doctor wants to put me on one of the new drugs but not sure medicare will approve it. Anyone know of any of the new drugs that medicare will approve??

  1. I had same problem. Took Embrel until no more private insurance as tier 5 drugs are so expensive on Medicare part D. So started infusions of Simponi Aria and is covered under part B at 80% and Medigap plan pays the other 20%. I liked the Embrel better as I self treated but can't endure the cost. If Simponi isn't working for you, the see if your Rheumy with do Remicade or some other infused drug as it's covered by a different part of Medicare.

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