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Looking for Home Treatments

I was diagnosed with PsA 18 months ago. Since December 2020, my symptoms are so severe I can barely walk. I tried Otezla but could not tolerate it. My Doc wants to me to try Xeljanz. I'm not real motivated to try another drug to make me real sick again. Thinking of trying Turmeric/Curcumin as an anti-inflammatory. I am very discouraged right now as it seems very difficult to find a working treatment. I have missed my nieces wedding and barely made a appearance to my grand-daughters first b-day. My wife thinks I need I need a walker, but I refuse.

  1. Hi @joe-promedio, thank you for sharing your story with us. This must be so difficult and frustrating for you. Dealing with your diagnosis and the severity of it, must be so overwhelming. I can understand why you would be hesitant to try another medication. It can be so hard to find something that helps, as what can help one person, may not help another. There are a lot of alternative treatments out there, I am hoping this article can help you: I am also including an article that discusses different ways to treat symptoms: I really hope you can get some relief. Please reach out if we can help you with anything further. Jill, Team Member

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