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Long term prednisone use 10 mg per day

I have been treated in Atlanta for the last 30 years for PSA. NSAIDs, Sulpha, Methotrexate in the past, and now just NSAID and 10 mg prednisone per day. My hands and wrists are mangled. No active inflame in other joints.
Because my damage was already done by the time TNF's came out, my doctor at this point feels if I feel pretty well, and not much has changed that I can continue on prednisone. I will never be off it even if I added a biologic since I have been on it so long, and that not much benefit could be added by adding a TNF. Cost prohibitive as well.

Seeing a new rheumatologist

I waited 4 months to see a Rheumy in Florida and it did not go well. They refused to treat me unless I went on a TNF. Kept using the word "protocol". Also wanted me to do a clinical trial. This was before ever touching me, in fact, never got in a gown, never had an exam. I began showing her my range of motion, duh, shouldn't she have put me thru the paces?

Anyone else using prednisone for psoriatic arthritis?

Now I am faced with flying to ATL twice a year or moving back permanently. Anyone that could offer feedback or has chosen prednisone for long term use with docs blessing, any help appreciated.
My ATL doc worked WITH me on my treatment plan on cost and my fear of side effects. The Florida doc it felt wanted to treat me as a newbie and not. 30 year veteran of the disease. My Georgia doc is on the Arthritis Foundation board and a top Rheumy in the area. I feel confident he is doing nothing wrong in my treatment.
Any ideas?

  1. I personally have psoriasis, PsA and Ra. I have never heard of long term treatment with prednisone before. I have been on it multiple times before for upper respiratory infection and things if that nature and they always throughs me into a bad flare up after I'm off of it. I'm curious about your treatment plan though as I'm against TNFs too! Anyway I would say keep looking for a new doctor if the FL. One is not working before moving. Sadly we are going to be seeing these people for a long term and we have to be choosy. We have to have a good working relationship with our doctors, and sometimes we just don't mesh well with some. I switched dermatologists several times to get the right one, lucked out with my Rheumatologist though (would be lost without him) and currently looking for a new cardiologist because I really get rubbed the wrong way by her! I hope you find someone who will really work for you and not just the company.

    1. I've been on prednisone for 6 months now. My rheumatologist just upped my dose to 10mg. Do you take Fosamax also? It's because prednisone is hard on bones.

      1. I have been on 2.5 mg twice a day for years. It makes a world of difference, especially in my knees.

        1. Great to hear this, mrsroadking1953! It's always awesome to hear that one of our community members has found something that provides them with some relief! Do you notice any side effects of the prednisone? Or has it been generally well-tolerated? Sending positive thoughts your way! -Casey, Team

      2. Just be very careful. I was on Enbrel until diagnosed with MS, then only prednisone until newer meds came out. I was finally up to 20mg a day (10 mg twice daily). And at 53 I had cataract surgery. So be sure to get regular eye exams if you go high dosage.

        1. Thanks for sharing SuzLee01! I'm so sorry to hear that you had cataract surgery, but we're grateful for your advice to others! -Casey, Team

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