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Treatment Issues


  • By Kmcarnes

    My primary doc extra to keep me on Prednisone long term at less than 10 ml.
    What are anyone’s thoughts?

  • By Whosure

    I was on that dose for about 17 years, long before anyone had ever heard of PsA. I got off it when I wanted a child, since there is a 20% danger in cleft palate and other mouth abnormalities. In my early 50s I had cataracts in both eyes, probably due to the long term cortisone. Got them fixed, and went back to hydrocortisone just recently because of the pain. You name the joint, it is involved. 24 hour pain. On Medicare — but they don’t pay for chiropractor, and some of the biologics are totally unaffordable. Quality of life issues are building now.

  • By MarthaGrowdon Moderator

    Hi Kmcarnes, thanks for your question! We can’t give medical advice over the internet for your safety and it’s always a good idea to question your doctor until you understand why he/she is suggesting any routine and what the possible side effects are. But we do have this article that explains a little more about corticosteroids that you might find helpful: I also hope the community will continue to chime in with their personal experiences—thank you Whosure for sharing your experience! -Martha ( Team)

  • By Ncjuliee

    During a particularly bad flare a few years ago, my doctor prescribed Prednisone along with the Enbrel I was already taking. It initially helped with the pain but, even though it was a low dose, I gained about 20 pounds and was so grumpy I couldn’t stand myself. He weaned me off very slowly, much slower than I would have liked, and I’ve never taken it since.

    I hear that some people can tolerate it better than I did and I hope you’re one of those people!