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Let's Talk Lymph Nodes

I've read that autoimmune disorders like RA and Lupus can cause lymph nodes to well. Is this also true for psoriatic arthritis?

Ongoing swelling

I ask because I have lymph nodes on my neck that swell up for 1-3 days then go away. Then swell up again (usually in a different place) and then go away.
Because they don't STAY swollen my doctors have not been concerned but I still am a little. This has been happening for about a year now.
I had the place on my neck where this is happening CT scanned and nothing bad was found. Also my blood work is good. So I was wondering if this is simply one more effect of the PsA?

  1. SWELL, I mean, not well. Our new format doesn't seem to allow for editing.

    1. Hi ! Just sharing my own experience here because I used to get swollen lymph nodes all the time when I was in University. My family doctor told me that swollen lymph nodes generally indicate that your immune system has "captured" something. In other words, that your immune system is doing its job. Of course, now that I know I have an autoimmune disease I often wonder if what my lymph nodes are capturing is "me", lol. Essentially, your lymph nodes act as a filter, so most of the time the swelling just means something has been caught in the filter and they're eliminating it (I fully appreciate how worrying it is when they always seem to be swollen though). Definitely check in with your Doctor if they change and become hot to the touch, or if you develop a fever.
      -Victoria, Community Moderator

      1. I thought of this thread again because my lymph nodes swelled up again a couple of days ago. A couple on my neck and one above my collar bone. They seem to be going back down today but this happens to me frequently.

        From everything I've read you only need to worry if they harden and/or get larger than 1 centimeter and don't go back down. Mine stay swollen for a day or three and then always go back down. But this NEVER used to happen to me.

        I used to think doctors had all the answers but I've so much stuff going on with me that's unexplained that I've had to accept even in 2018 there's a lot that doctors can't explain.

        1. I've been seeing an ENT for ear pain and swollen lymph node behind my ear for months. Mine swell for a couple weeks to the size of a walnut then go back down. At least it's not painful anymore when it swells like that. No cause found. Blood work is all ok every time they check. I can only guess that is comes from my psoriasis. Just another way my body is attacking itself. I had a CT with contrast last month and go in for the results today. He was looking for a cause for the ear pain and to see if there are any swollen nodes deeper that they cannot feel.

      2. Ive been wondering about this as well. I've had swollen glands for about two weeks now they don't hurt and I've read to give it a bit more time so I'll see How I go on the weekend. Is common with psa?

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