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How do you deal with the immune suppression from the medications?

I have been recently diagnosed and started the meds, my concern is they say the meds can suppress the immune system. I work in health care and I’m a little concerned about being exposed to so many germs. Does anyone have any information on how much or if the meds affect your immune system?

  1. Hello ajfree33,

    This is such a great question and one I used to ask myself years ago. I have had psoriasis for 55 years and psoriatic arthritis for 30 years. I have been on 7 biologics over this time. I am consider the elder in my family (61 next month) and I can't remember the last time I was sick from a cold, sniffles or flu. I do have my share of pain because of my disease, but other than that; I am ok. I work in a bank and I am around people all day. Of course we are all different and react differently to medication.

    Good luck on this journey. We are here if you need us.


    1. I’ve been in the healthcare field for 18 years. Unfortunately, we tend to be exposed to people with germs more than we would like. My rheumatologist has always recommended that I leave this field, but honestly, I love my job and don’t want to.
      Because of the immunity suppression that happens with these meds, I got sick very often, and took longer to get well than most.
      Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Plexus. They have an amazing probiotic that doesn’t affect my meds, but helps me fight colds. Now, there’s times when I fight a cold faster than my family!

      1. Hello 😀 Well, the best I can say is sanitize, sanitize, then sanitize again! I didn't work in healthcare on immune suppressants, but I did work in education. I had 150 kiddos from K-8th grade sneezing and coughing their way thru my classroom. I Lysoled, sprayed, and squirted down every surface. If I worked in healthcare, I would probably consider a mask, at least if I worked in the hospital or was already sick with a simple cold. Sadly, I don't believe there is much more than that that we can do. Take care of yourself for sure! -Leanne, Team

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