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How do you cope with fatigue?

  1. I try to get plenty of rest, but that can be very hard with the constant pain. Drink plenty of water, eat right and exercise if you can.

    1. I find the fatigue one of the hardest aspects to cope with. It's so difficult to explain that it's so different to feeling tired. it's not until you suffer with fatigue you realise xx

    2. People don't get it. I try to explain to people the difference between being tired and fatigue. To me fatigue is a feeling of constant exhaustion all the time. I have no energy to even moved or get out of bed. I have been labeled as lazy. @mschmarte suggested taking a nap. This is a good idea and stay hydrated. We are here if you need us.

  2. I try to get plenty of rest, but as Diane T says, that can be hard when you are in pain. I am 61 years old, have had PsA for at least 20 years. I also have fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, IBD, psoriasis, and AS. I never was a napper, but as the disease progressed, I have learned to take an hour or two nap if the fatigue is over whelming, and it does help me. I too drink tons of water, and eat when I can,(I am nauseated a lot), and just try to manage as best I can.

    1. Thanks for commenting, imschmarte 😀 I'm glad to hear that you are are taking care of yourself - I'm a huge fan of napping. It's so important just to listen to our bodies!

  3. Day naps are the best. I typically dont get much sleep at night so the best time for me to sleep is between 6am & noon. Which can be difficult because i have a child in elementary school that catches the bus at 7:50am. So naps work best for me.....where ever or when ever i can get one in, i do. I know this cant work for everyone, but it helps me. I would recommend resting when you get a chance, no matter what time it is!

    Best of luck & stay strong!

    1. Caffeine,and lots of it,lol, just kidding, about the lots of it part, I'm a pretty big guy (240lbs) so I can tolerate a little more than the 400 mg limit of caffeine that is recommended but in the afternoons I often take a 200 mg caffeine pill, but everyone is different, follower your doctors directions of course

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