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How Do You Celebrate Victories In Managing PsA?

For me, if I can get up on any given day without pain. It's a victory. I know that this is the day I'm going to go see the grandkids or do something that is fun like going to a movie.

As you all know when you are in pain sitting for a long time is miserable and you always end up missing the end of the movie.

How do you celebrate "any victory"? I would love to hear from you.

  1. I no longer view PsA as something over which I have to achieve "victories". It used to bring endless frustration, fighting this disease, and seeing no clear positive outcome on the horizon. Today, I prefer to think of having this disease as something more of an accommodation than a struggle. To have "wins", you must have "losses" against which to define them (as wins), and it does me no good to think of all the times I'm unable to rise to the occasion as losses. I simply have days that are better than others, and days that are less good than others.

    1. Thanks for the feedback and I understand what you are saying. In the past 60 years with this disease, I have had plenty of losses that affect me to this day. I like your attitude, having better days than others. My father is almost 90 and he would say that you are 100% correct. Thanks for sharing.

      1. If your dad is almost 90, I'd say he's had many more good days than bad.

    2. Yes, and and he would agree with you on that one!!

      1. I celebrate the good days by embracing the feeling of joy at not having a lot of pain while also having a lot of energy.

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