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Psoriatic Arthritis & Hamstring Tendonitis

Hi everyone -

I have psoriatic arthritis in my tendons. I am currently flaring in both Achilles, knees, hips, and now hamstrings. Oh, the pain in the hamstrings!

I took a cold shower after doing yard work and allowed the cold water to hit my knees. I woke up this morning with hamstring tendonitis. My gosh, is it painful! Anyone else have hamstring tendonitis?

  1. Hi Grace!

    Many in the community have expressed similar symptoms in the past (pain in tendons). I have not come across this specific scenario, though. Sounds painful! Since it been a couple weeks, are you still experiencing this pain?

    Thought I'd also share this article related to how tendons and ligaments are affected by PsA (

    -Jake, Team

    1. Hi Jake,
      Yes I still get hamstring tendonitis and it hurts something awful,but it also comes and goes.

      1. Hi - I wanted to follow-up here to see if you've been able to find any relief from this pain in your hamstring you were experiencing?

        I hope so!

        - Jake ( Team Member)

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