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Getting through holiday flares & depression

While I adore this time of year (Autumn being my favorite season!), I always end up flaring which then pushes me into a holiday depression, so I'd love to hear what others do to get through it and how you make the holiday season more comforting & relaxing!

  1. It is my favorite season, but my least favorite! I feel you. So much going on and such a busy time that I feel like I end up just needing to rest and have the same depression after. Its like people want to get together just during that time. Last year I made the effort that I didn't need to do all the things. I asked my family to help me. And I cut back on shopping, let someone else do it. I have a great support system but still sometimes it depends on me and my body and really setting boundaries because they don't understand why I can't just "get together." And I try to rest as much during Thanksgiving and New Years as possible. Enjoy the quiet time. Those are things I do!

    1. Absolutely, ! I feel so overwhelmed sometimes by everything that needs to be done for the holidays and then having to always gather with people. I love gathering with my family and friends but sometimes it's just too much for my body to handle. I'm definitely looking forward to a relaxed New Years. I hope you're new years day/eve is just as relaxing as mine! Wishing you the best - Abigail, Team Member

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