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Getting diagnosed - no inflammation in bloods

Hi all,

I have all the classic signs of PsA... psoriasis, swollen fingers and toes, joint pain in back, hips, chest and hands. Bloods have come back neg RA but also neg for inflammation!

I have been living with chronic symptoms for 3 years and am desperate to be treated so kind of hoping it is PsA! At least then I have a treatment plan!!

My question is, can I have PsA when my bloods show as having no inflammation? Also slightly confused as I have swollen bits lol would it not show up in bloods even when you can see it??

Thanks all


  1. You definitely can - psoriatic arthritis is notorious for being seronegative.

    1. Thank you... Good to know!

      1. Hi @Rom1987, in addition to @Northernelf's response, I wanted to send over this article that talks about the various tests that are done to determine PsA: Are you seeing a rheumatologist? They would be best to help you get the answers you deserve. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
        Jill, Team Member

    2. Thanks Jill, yes I am... the process is taking q while though and was interested in blood results.... still have a 6 week wait for the appointment where I should get a diagnosis 😀

      Thank you for the article... Will give it a read x

      1. Hi @Rom1987, in addition to the article I sent you earlier, I am sending over this article from one of our advocates who talks about blood work. She explains that psoriatic arthritis doesn't always exhibit higher inflammation markers in blood: I know this can be very confusing and frustrating. I am glad you have an appointment, even though you need to wait a bit for it. I am happy you are being an advocate for yourself. Let us know if you need any further information.
        Jill, Team Member

      2. Thanks @jill.brodie ... really helpful! And it's a little frustrating to basically be my own gp! I had to beg for a rheumatology referral!! But glad I did my research... this site has helped tremendously! X

    3. Hi @kristy nice to meet you 😀

      Glad you finally got diagnosed... so hard isn't it. I've had psoriasis since I was 7 or 8... and a host of other weird symptoms. It all came together a few months ago when my fingers swelled up... kind of glad I did because my gp was treating my a hypochondriac until then! Now I suddenly have a potential answer and treatment plan

      Definitely fatigue has been most difficult to deal with for me... work has been difficult... dreading going back tomorrow!

      How have you found your treatment- has it helped?


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