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What to expect for the future?

Hey y’all, my symptoms started about 26 yrs old. I’m now 35 and I haven’t been officially diagnosed with PsA yet, but my doc is 99 percent sure that’s what it is. I’ve been extremely depressed about my future. I have pain in my neck, knees, back, sacroiliac joint, heels of my feet, and fingers. Wrists aren’t painful unless I’m straining them. I do not have psoriasis that I know of. I have eczema and two docs have looked at it and confirmed it’s eczema.

Scared about the future

Basically, I don’t know if I’m going to be disabled, die early, etc. and I’m sure we all think of this. So I guess I just don’t know how bad it gets and am very scared to have something that started at such a young age. I cannot get diagnosed until my finger swells back up again my doc told me. She wasn’t able to get anything from my blood work or X-rays to be able to diagnose. I also have things that happen with my eyes and brain for some years now. It comes and goes but no one knows why for that either. Sorry, this is all over the place it is my first time talking about it.

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  1. Hi . I can relate to your fear of the unknown. I definitely felt the same way when I was finally diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. That was 7 years ago. It is not an easy disease that much is for sure but you can still have a long valuable life. Be proactive in being treated. Never stop looking for answers. My best advice: find a doctor that will listen to your concerns. We are here for you so you do not have to go this journey alone. Vickie W., Community Moderator

    1. Dealing with PsA, or any other types of arthritis, is a scary & frustrating beast. Persistence is so important when it comes to your medical wellbeing. It took me years to get properly diagnosed with Osteoarthritis (in my late 30s) & then another year or so with the PsA (in my early 50s).

      Another tip, remain positive, which I know is super hard at times. I look at it as a challenge & try to figure out how to do things, not give in to 100% defeat. Of course once things start to get a bit better with treatment(s), tasks will become easier. There are times you'll find one day you are on top of the world & then the next day barely stepping on to the curb. Just have to roll with it & press on. There are days when there's a definite hitch in my get along, which makes my very physical job a challenge. I do know eventually my work situation will change, but for now I am able to tackle it positively, take my prescribed meds, take care of myself, & check in with this forum for sometimes much needed advice.

      I wish you all the best & try not to get too overwhelmed by it all.

      1. Hi , it's really daunting and scary to think about what life might be like with psoriatic arthritis. I hope you're able to get the diagnosis to finally have some answers soon.

        Recently, we shared your question with our Facebook community and some folks commented with advice. You can take a look if you're interested here:

        Wishing you the best,
        Minel ( Team Member)

        1. I completely understand why you are feeling these concerns, I often struggle with the same thoughts and fears myself. The suggestion that was given to me, that I find to be helpful, is never stop advocating for yourself. Don't be afraid to ask questions of your doctors and to seek a second opinion if you don't feel they are taking your situation seriously or listening to your concerns. They may be the professional, but no one knows your body like you. Advocating for yourself, to get the care you need and deserve, can be key to helping halt or slow the progression of the disease, helping you to lead a healthier, and more worry-free life.
          I wish you all the best.

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