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Is there anything that will help relieve the constant pain from a severe flareup in your feet?

When you have a severe flareup in your feet... is there anything that will help relieve the constant pain until the flareup subsides? I have tried daily foot soaks in Epsom salts in warm water ,,,not much help..

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  1. Hi @nigella. I wish you were not in so much pain. While you wait for responses from the community, I wanted to share with you this article from one of our advocates about foot pain. I hope it helps and that you find some relief. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Steroids help me a bit! Also trying to stay off my feet when I can! I totally understand, my feet pain is probably the worst part of my psa

      1. Hi . Not being able to walk where you want to is really restricting (and painful). I've been there.
        I shower my feet with really cold water. But it helps only a little. Meds ...

        1. Hi... You all are such a comfort to I do not have anyone to share this pain problem with. Today has been a rough day..... so you know I was glad to see others logged on re foot pain...
          from the moment I awoke.... I needed a foot defer the pain..... helped somewhat...and for short period of time.... the weather is easing up....getting warmer....but still cold and very windy...... I was surprised to read that most of you all have experienced the same pain in the warm weather as in the cold.... How annoying is that ? I am using arthritic creams to take the edge off.....the toes and instep portions of my feet..also trying to walk for at least 15 min a day.... and taking up knitting to keep my hands in motion.....that does work.... thank you all for your input... any other pain relief things that others are doing........ will be greatly appreciated.

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