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What does everyone take for heel/feet pain?

So I’m in a little different boat. I am not diagnosed yet as my blood work and X-rays have come up with no signs although I have pain from head to toe pretty much. My doc is waiting for my finger to swell again to examine it to officially diagnose me.

Anyway, since I’m not diagnosed she won’t give me any psoriatic arthritis meds to slow it or help it. All I take is meloxicam and it helps but def not enough and I’m terrified to start steroids. I’m 36 and super scared of what's to come for sure.

  1. Hi @ sis4uth. I am sure it is horribly frustrating to have no accurate diagnosis at this point, but it's good that your doctor wants to be certain before putting you on PsA medications. Some of the medications can had serious side effects. Do you also have psoriasis? If so, are you on any medications for that? Here is an article from one of our advocates about some natural methods of dealing with PsA pain. Maybe you will find something in the article that helps for now. Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. My heels pain just started this year. I went to podiatrist and got heel cups and arch straps. Waiting on my new orthotics. When she suggested cortisone shots in my heels, I came to the realization that the drs can't keep injecting individual joints and I went back to rheumatologist and agreed to go on methotrexate. I miss my beer!!!! But, everything feels better (not totally pain free) and I can actually stand up straight. Everyone has their own moment of clarity. It took me 20 years to get a diagnosis mainly because psoriatic arthritis wasn't widely understood in the late 1990s. Hang in there.

      1. Hi . I am so glad methotrexate is helping. Thanks for sharing your support and your story. Warm wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    2. SIS4UTH.... same thing happened with me...I had joint pain and fatigue...I was referred to a rheumatologist whom ran thousands of dollars of blood work and x-rays. Everything came back normal. So summer came around felt fine then winter hit and a bunch of stress. Started to have a lot of redness around my eyes that would come and I started to have a lot more skin stuff on the back of my neck and into my hair and started to get patches on my arms as well along with the joint pain. So, I went to see a derm Feb. 2021 they did a biopsy and it came back psoriasis and since I also have joint pain and family history they decided to start me on Cosentyx. I've taken two shots so far and hoping it starts to help with the joint pain. I can tell you that once all my symptoms started to align it was very clear what I had. The pain is what I struggle most with. I use to being on the go and staying busy however the feet pain and extreme fatigue can be overwhelming at times. If you don't get answers from your rheumatologist try going to a dermatologist. Take pictures of flares and document your symptoms and show them to the Dr. that also helped me get a proper diagnoses.

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