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Experience with periodontal disease?

Having issues finding dentists that are aware of the link between teeth and psa

Anyone have experience?

  1. Hi @Emmy24. I think the problem lies in that not a lot of dentist know that there is a connection. I am having the same problem on my end. I have started having issues with my teeth and the dentists I have tried so far have known nothing about the connection. Vickie W., Team Member

    1. Vickie Wilkerson it is a gum issue-inflammation and receding. But I was just diagnosed with Sjogrens also which has the dry mouth/issue. The dry mouth causes oral thrush which further inflame gums. It has been a learning experience for me and the doctors. And it seems that yes a lot of dentists are clueless

  2. Vickie Wilkerson thanks for the reply, I have severe periodontal disease and the dental group I was with for years never even suggested a periodontist. And now the new one does not know but at least wants to research my problems and communicate with my rheumatologist and GP.

    1. Yes, eventually dentures.

      1. No I do not. But now that I know this, will make sure I get a dentist visit.

        1. Hello Girl! It’s me Christy from Chicago Trip!!

        2. hey there. I looked at your picture yesterday and it didn't connect. Sorry had other things on the mind. How are you? How is your psoriatic arthritis doing? Vickie, Team Member

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