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What kinds of exercise should be done to help with symptoms?

  1. It's hard to exercise when you're in pain, but most days I try and do stretching exercises, do yoga or some light walking. It really helps to keep the stiffness away to move at least some each day. There will be some days you will be able to do 15 minutes of exercise and other days where you can't do any.

    1. I was diagnosed with RA about 8 years ago and ALL my symptoms/pains went away after I started practicing Bikram yoga. Now, after having 3 kids and no yoga for about 4 years, aches and pains have flooded back but the diagnosis is now PsA. Started up yoga just a week and a half ago...not Bikram but a similar practice...seeing minimal improvement so far but hopefully less pains and swellings will follow soon enough.

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