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Everyday PsA attacks a different area of my body

I was diagnosed with PsA about three months ago after having osteoarthritis for years. When PsA hit, it was like a bolt of lightening - I could barely move and I felt like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz when he froze up. My question for this group is twofold: have any of you experienced PsA as traveling around your body attacking new joints or areas on a daily basis? The only static area that hurts every day is plantar fasciitis in my left foot. It might be my knees one day then hips the next or maybe neck or maybe two or three at one time. Second question - it seems to be attacking my stomach this week with massive bloating. I have tried probiotics and yogurt with no effect and it definitely is not the food I am eating. Any input greatly appreciated!

  1. Hello @Porkypine welcome to our community. We are so glad you are here. I can say for me areas of pain hit mostly in my lower back on a daily basis. It started there and has now involved my knees and my hips. My hips tend to hurt at night because I sleep on my sides. My knees hurt when I am up on my feet for long periods of time. I am sure you will get some other responses from our great community. Is there a plan to start a treatment for your PsA? Vickie W., Team Member

    1. Yes Vickie, I started Humira 3 1/2 weeks ago. No help yet but I am hopeful! Prednisone at 15 mg till then which greatly helps and which I am thankful for but which is already (4 months in) starting to show side effects. Again, hopeful for the Humira!

      1. how are you now? I hope you are managing well with the Humira? I've been on it over 13 years now

      2. how do you do on it?

    2. Thanks for inquiring sarahr! I am now 56 days in and have to say "no help from the Humira" yet. I am still optimistic though and know it takes a while to kick in. Did the Humira stop your problems entirely?

      1. Humira may not be the right medication for you. I have psoriasis and PsA and currently using my sixth biologic. You may have to be your own advocate if it doesn't work after 90 days and ask for something other than a TNF which is what Humira is. Some medications worked well for my psoriasis but not for my PsA and visa versa. Right now I am on one that seems to work for both although I am going through a major flare due to weather change. I was in Florida for the winter and returned to DE and well the weather stinks. I am managing with additional NSAIDs for now. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    3. My personal experience has been that, if a biologic will work, it generally has some effect within a few weeks. Those that failed to achieve efficacy within six weeks generally failed altogether, and I was taken off of them; Humira and Taltz are two examples. If you are still taking 15mg of P a day on top of the Humira, and all to no effect, it might pay to inform you rheumy, and see about looking into other medications. Some rheumatologists prescribe low dose Methotrexate as an add on to biologic therapy to improve outcome. Good luck.

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