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Does anyone have overall body pain with PSA?

I've recently been diagnosed with PSA and had the swelling sausage digit finger and ankle is very swollen and painful. I just started Methotrexate and haven't seen a difference yet but only on week 3. Wondering if with PSA you have other just a general pain in shoulders, hips, and knees without the being swollen up. This comes and goes some days better than others. Just wondering if this is normal to have other general soreness and pain. Thanks.

  1. Hi clgrange sorry to hear about your pain you are having,and I too have psa and I find that if I favor one part of my body the other side will start hurting too, hope you can get some relief soon, my psa hurts every where new place is colar bone,chest,big toe it goes on I won't bore you, so hope this helps take care

    1. Thanks for the reply I thought when I had few joints inflamed that that was the only joint that would be affected. I didn't know that it could keep moving and you would just feel sore everywhere possibly.

  2. Hi clgrange, when I am not doing well or I've overdone it with an activity or stress I will get pain without swelling. Sometimes my joints will be hot too, but without swelling, so I am not entirely convinced swelling is the absolute measure of inflammation activity for some folks.

    Sometimes when a flare is coming on I feel like I've taken a tumble or been in a small car accident. Everything just kinda aches. I hope you feel better soon!!!

    Also , I get that too (when I have to use one side more because of pain, the other side then starts to "act up" fun times!)

    1. Thanks for the reply. I really thought that the joints that were the inflamed ones were the only ones that would ache. I didn't realize that I could have joint/tendon pain in all joints. It does feel like I worked out wayyy too hard and so sore. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Hi CLGrange. So sorry you’re suffering. I get pain in all my big joints during a flare without much swelling there. From what I’ve read, I think pain without swelling is more likely when you have enthesitis (when your tendon/ligament is inflamed where it connects to the bone), which is a hallmark feature of PsA. For me, that means I actually feel more pain on the side of my joint (for example, on the right and left sides of my knee joint), rather than in the joint. It’s suoer frustrating and exhausting, so I totally get where you’re coming from. My rheumatologist said that Methotrexate is less effective for enthesitis than for joint inflammation, so we’re (finally!) starting with Humira next week. I had to do the full trial on methotrexate first, though, for insurance to cover it. Hang in there. I definitely have non-flaring periods where all of that (mostly) goes away, too. I’ll hope that happens for you, too!

    1. Hi CLGrange, I also have PsA. I have come to think of the pain I get as a tour bus. It will show up in a wrist one morning and stay for two or three days. The effected area is usually warm to the touch. Sometimes swollen, sometimes not.Then one day I wake up and my wrist is fine. I go out for a walk and get a sudden pain in my ankle like a sprain. It might be gone in a few hours or hang around for a few days. Next stop my toes and/or fingers. It has become somewhat tolerable over time but exhausting. Usually two or three areas at once. What I have come to understand as a flare, to me feels like the all-over body aches of flu. Those days there's no getting out of bed. Brain fog. I can barely get it together to compose a brief email. Don't want to make or accept phone calls. Apart from medicines, a non-inflammatory diet helps me a lot. I have found hydration, like mega-hydration, is a major contributor to keeping the swelling and sometimes the pain down. It helps me knowing that some days will be better than others. Also this community is awesome. It has information that's hard to come by. It's a great place to vent and get support. My best wishes to you for finding a treatment that works for you.

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