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Do you have any tips & tricks for coping?

A woman on Facebook recommended that we have a topic on tips and tricks for living with psoriatic arthritis. Tips could range from anything - like, how you open jars when in a flare, how you keep track of your medical info., or even batch cooking ideas.
So, what are your tips and tricks to living with PsA?

  1. Okay, I'll get things started by posting the tip on Facebook on how to open a jar!

    "If you have some strong rubber bands, placing one around a jar lid gives you a better grip to try to open a jar. If you are unable to place it on there, get someone else to do it. Rubber band on lid, covered with a dish towel helps. For new jars, run some hot water. In a pan, hold jar upside down with lid under water, often breaks the seal for you.

    I drink bottled water and have a bottle top opener that I use to open bottles, or ask son or grandson to open for me. Eating peanut butter is soothing to your joints, so they open those jars for me. I try to keep a jar beside my bed to eat some on achy days."

    1. I keep a pair of 12 inch Channellock® pliers in my kitchen. They have adjustable jaws and a no-slip grip. I think it's a combination of the off-set head and the long arms that makes them work. The days I have trouble opening a bottle of water I can open any vacuum sealed jar (jelly, applesauce, pickles, etc) with almost no effort. These things are GREAT! They are available at any hardware store for less than $20. There are many different brands. Now if I only had a tool for opening the tab-pull tins of sardines and tuna. Those things are razor sharp. I can get them half off then lose leverage. If anyone has the answer I am all ears.

      1. Having a long handled tool for reaching and grabbing items that are difficult to reach is a must for those affected by shoulder difficulties due to psoriatic arthritis like me. Some days it is too painful to raise my arms very high so having this tool is very helpful.

        1. , I'm sure that is so helpful! Is there a particular long-handled tool that you'd recommend? It seems quite a few of our community members are struggling with their shoulders lately 😢 It must be so uncomfortable and painful. Is there anything that helps you cope with the pain? I'm so glad that this tool makes reaching for and grabbing things a bit less difficult. Thanks so much for sharing with us all! -Catherine, Community Moderator

      2. There are many different ones on the market. The one I have is similar to this one that is available on Amazon. As far as dealing with the shoulder pain...I use heat, a lot, and also apply arnica gel for natural pain relief. I try to avoid taking too much aspirin or acetaminophen.Grabber tool

        1. , thank you so much for taking the time to look to look this up and share here. That definitely gives me an idea of what to look for. I didn't realise these tools were so affordable!

          I hope the heat and the arnica help make the pain a bit more manageable. Lots of people here like to use heat. I tend to go for ice but I do love arnica gel! I find it so helpful for aches, pains and bruising. Thank you again for sharing 💖 -Catherine, Community Moderator

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