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Crippling Psoriatic Arthritis

My mother-in-law has been in and out of hospital, rehab and home for the past 5 months. This all started in June during COVID so no one was able to be there to listen to doctors. She has had psoriasis for as long as I can remember, nothing super bad just the plaque on her head, elbows and under her breast. She has always complained about joint pain. My husband also had psoriasis plaque a little worse, and complained of joint pain. He eventually was able to go the the VA doctors and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. He currently takes Humira and it has been awesome. My mother in law does not understand medical stuff at all. A little back ground on her. She is obese and had a knee replacement about a year and a half ago. She did not follow up with all the physical therapy she was suppose to. Approximately in March her legs started swelling up more that normal and she started slowly losing movement in her right leg and a little in her left. She started falling and really struggled at getting around in her house. In June she fell and was transported to hospital. She was lucky to get an awesome neurologist that was determined to get to the bottom of the cause. She never told any of the doctors that she had psoriasis. The dr ran a lot and I mean a lot of test, several spinal taps, ct, several mri's and I think every blood test that could be done. The doctor was questioning if she had an autoimmune disease, imagine that. Like I said before she was in and out of rehabs. She would come home to early because she wanted to be home. She is COMPLETELY DEPENDENT ON EVERYONE. (During this time her husband passed away). She is coming home on Monday the 23rd and is still totally NOT independent. I have a strong strong feeling that some of this is psoriatic arthritis. I did call her doctor and let them know. He has scheduled her for a second opioin from a neurologist in a bigger city. She can lift her right leg not even a half a inch and her left leg maybe a inch. Has any one on this group become completely dependent on wheelchair because of psoriatic arthritis? Thank you for your time in reading

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