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Coronary Artery Disease and PSA

Age 62 with a PSA diagnosis 2 years ago. 9 years ago had 3 stents put in, 7 years ago had a carotid endarterectomy, 3 years ago a new knee, 2 years ago a new hip, 2 weeks ago 3 more stents and now I need a new shoulder. For some reason I think the link here is the PSA. Can this hideous disease be that severe to be a contributing factor with my heath history?

  1. Hi . I replied to your status update regarding your medication and heart history, but I will repost here as well because it looks like you might have deleted that. As for your knee and hip replacements, most certainly PsA might have contributed. Chances are that you have had PsA for a long time and that it went undiagnosed. Here is my status update response:

    You have had a lot to take in and contend with these past few years. No wonder you are feeling overwhelmed. PsA can increase your risk of heart disease, but the good news is that you are aware and are already being treated. You can continue to keep close watch on your heart, your diet and your activity levels to ensure that you get the best possible treatment. The search for the most effective medication for your PsA can be highly frustrating. Everyone responds differently to the various medications. There is no way for doctors to know how you will respond to each one, so it becomes a game of trial and error. Hopefully, you will continue to respond well to Taltz and leflunomide, but don't give up if every it stops helping. There are so many other medications you can try. If you switch to Medicare at age 65, be sure you choose a policy that covers your medication. You will not be eligible for drug company assistance while on Medicare. You might want to consider consulting with a Medicare specialist. I hope others chime in here with some reassurance. Knowledge is power. You have the knowledge and awareness you need to keep your heart conditions under control. I hope this helps. Thinking of you and wishing you the very best. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Unfortunately yes, I need a hip replacement and a knee replacement, but have out it off. My doctor just told me a few months ago I may need my shoulder replaced. I feel your pain, this disease is no joke.

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