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Can you have osteoporosis and psoriatic arthritis at the same time?

Well, the answer is yes. I have them both. If this is you. I would like to hear from you. Have you had to make any lifestyle changes? I'm a little scared to walk up and down steps now. My doctor told me I was at risk for fractures.

We would like to hear from you and your thoughts on this. Diane (Team Member)

  1. I can speak to the fact that, yes, you can. In fact, having PsA makes you more likely to have osteopenia, which can then become osteoporosis, as it did in my case. I'm back to just osteopenia after increasing my bone mass through diet and proper calcium supplementation.

    1. Hello , this is some great information. I just got diagnosed about 6 months ago. I'm 66 now and I'm thinking this is all old age now. I really need to follow in your footsteps. You are always doing the right thing. My doctors never even told me you could increase your bone mass by diet and calcium supplements. This is good to hear. Thanks for sharing this with the community. I see my rheumatologist again next month. Thanks for all you bring to this community. Diane (Team Member)

      1. As we age, our bone density drops, and we need more calcium. But, you also need to take magnesium, D3, and K-2 with the calcium for it to be absorbed properly. Additionally, your body can't absorb more than about 500mg of calcium at a time, so taking a 1000mg calcium tablet doesn't do you any more good than taking the 500. Dietary calcium, particularly dairy, is the best source of calcium. Barring that, I've found that some of the algae based calcium supplements are really good, but must be taken at meals. I use algaecal, but only on days that I'm unsure that I'll meet my dietary requirements alone. Plus, when training I take extra calcium. The muscles use calcium also, so running a lot requires a lot of calcium, due both to excreting a lot through sweat, but also just muscle contractions.

    2. Hello , I think you missed the mark. You should have been a doctor. I see 5 different healthcare professionals and they have never shared any of this information with me. And I see a dietician and a physical therapist for things when I'm not in pain. Maybe it's my job to do the research too. I don't take any of the things you mention. Thanks for some great information as always. Like I say, knowledge is power. Diane (Team Member)

      1. Most health care practitioners probably won't bring up these things unless they feel you are at particular risk, but most likely, even then, you have to broach the subject with them. But, based on what you've said about yourself, I'm assuming you're of the age where your doctors should have been having discussions with you about osteoporosis risk. But, my own mother never had such discussions with her doctors until she fractured a hip. Here's a link to at least one study on calcium depletion in athletes, specifically cyclists.

      2. Hello , Your right - I am 66 years old and the discussion of osteoporosis never came up. Thanks for sharing the article. We have to be our own best advocate, but there are times that even I get lost to what is going on with me. Thanks for some great information. Diane (Team Member)

    3. Yup, me too. I am careful how I place my feet, avoid ever going outside if the weather conditions threaten slippery conditions, and wipe up any spills or tracked in moisture on the floor. I wear only athletic shoes ever these days because they have good tread and they are all my feet can tolerate and must have custom orthotics. My osteoporosis was a shock to me and my PCP, an internist at the time. Was diagnosed with anemia the same day and I insisted neither should be the case based on my lifelong adequate diet. I was a certified disabled worker at the time, no longer able to engage in any intense exercise at all. That is what led to my diagnosis of celiac disease and Barrett's esophagus (and resultant malabsorption of key nutrients).

      1. Hello , thanks for sharing so much of your journey with us. We go through so much in life, especially the uncertain. Every time I go to the doctor, they find something else. I can't do much exercise anymore. I invested in a stationary bike that has helped me a lot. Have you had to make any lifestyle changes? We would like to hear from you. Diane (Team Member)

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