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Breastfeeding & taking Sulfasalazine

I have a 4 month old baby and today I have started taking medication as I can no longer physically walk due to my arthritic pain and I want to be able to take my baby for walks in the pram. I was reluctant to begin medication as I’ve heard mixed things about breastfeeding (giving baby diarrhoea / blood in stools?) as well as side effects for myself and managing that alongside a baby! Does anyone have any experience?

  1. Forgot to mention it’s Sulfasalazine that I have begun to take, I’m 28 years old.

    1. Hi @Bcreed94, thanks for reaching out. I can hear how difficult this has been for you and your concerns of starting a new medication while breastfeeding. I really do hope you hear back from other members of our community with their experiences. Has your doctor been able to ease any of your concerns with the medication? I really hope you can get some much needed relief from your pain without the side effects. Please keep us posted. Jill, team member

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