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Has Anyone Had Baker's Cysts in Their Knees?

Chronic inflammation can cause a build-up of fluid in the knees. Baker's cysts can form in the back of the knee, fill with excess fluid. When it bursts it causes extreme pain and, in my case, the inability to put weight on my leg.

Controlling psoriatic inflammation

Cyst fluid goes up and down the leg causing pain until the body absorbs it. The doctor said that once inflammation is controlled, it will stop forming. I just started Humira last Saturday after two years of other medications that did not work well. Anyone else experience Baker's Cysts? Love to hear your stories.

  1. This is very interesting. I have never experience Baker Cysts. This sounds very painful. We are here if you need us.

    Thank you,


    1. Thank you, Diane!

  2. I have not had them myself! Just wanted to drop in and tell you that I am thinking of you! Damn! That sounds so painful. I do hope that your Humira kicks in soon soon and brings some much needed relief with. - Clair,

    1. Thank you, Clair! Unfortunately, the Humira shot my blood pressure through the roof! I had to stop the Methotrexate and the Humira and get on Blood Pressure meds. Never had BP issues until I started treatment for the Psa. They agree it is because of the medications, I can't take the good anti-inflammatories. I just received Embrel and will begin taking that with a half dose weekly of the Methotrexate. It seems what ever they try either does not work or I have a reaction to it- so frustrating!

  3. Catkins
    I go through this as they play Russian I am roulette w biological. One helps joint swelling but not psoriasis and other works on psoriasis but not joint inflammation.

    Mine has currently ruptured again behind right knee and traveled down to foot cutting off circulation. They want me to see Orthopaedic !

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