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Autoimmune disease drugs and the COVID vaccines

Hi all
Hope you are as well as can be.
Just spotted this in the news, I knew trials had started to see the effectiveness of the vaccines in those that are on immunosuppressive or immune modifying medications and this is the first I’ve seen in the news of the tests so far. Take care, Greg.

  1. , This was a very interesting article. I hadn't heard this yet but anything is possible. I wish us all the best. I take my 2nd vaccine in 6 days and happy to have it done. Take care, Diane, Community Moderator

    1. Hi Diane, I’m due my second jab at the beginning of May. It’s the AZ vaccine and I’ll still be glad to take it regardless of recent news stories. Any protection has got to be better than none at all is how I see it. Hope all goes well with your 2nd jab and your new biological. Stay safe, Greg.

  2. I'm 67 and before being vaccinated, I received conflicting advice from 1) my rheumatologist, 2) my past rheumatologist and 3) my dermatologist. My rheumatologist suggested stopping my Taltz (biologic) injections 1 month before receiving a Covid vaccine. However my past rheumatologist recommended not pausing the Taltz, as did my dermatologist.

    During these two months between Taltz shots, while I had never previously had signs of PsA on my skin, I developed Guttate Psoriasis (spots) dotting the trunk of my body as well as appendages. The "new growth" in my nails also shows PsA damage.

    I know I'm a rarity (developing nail PsA at age 66). Though each of our cases are different, I would be interested to hear how others have handled their PsA medication during their body's processing Covid vaccinations. Once paused, did the PsA meds quickly become effective again? I don't think there's a way to know whether the pause helped the effectiveness of my Pfizer vaccine.

    What has been your experience relating to PsA meds and getting Covid vaccinated?

    1. I didn’t pause when getting my first injection in February but I have paused my Enbrel in the past because of a chest infection. In total I may have paused my weekly injections maybe 4 times. I think after each time I have done so the Enbrel injection is either less effective or takes time to build up to full strength again.

      At the start I was told by one of my nurses that I don’t have to shield and that Enbrel only effects a very small part of my immune system so I will not be at any more risk than a healthy person.
      I think they changed that opinion soon after COVID took hold in the UK.

      Truth be told, as this is such a new infection I think nobody really knows all the answers we seek at the moment. I think it will be some years, when COVID moves into the background of everyday life (like flu is) before they will be able to confidently advise us.
      Until then I think it’s something we have to decide for ourselves.

      It is strange how PsA effects people differently isn’t it. I started with a single nail lifting about 25 years ago....then within a few years the fun really started and patches of Psoriasis started to appear on elbows and knees. Oh the joys 😊
      Take care, Greg.

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