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Have you applied for disability? What was the process?

The process to apply for disability when living with psoriatic arthritis can be challenging to navigate. Have you ever applied for disability? What were your experiences like with the process? Was it difficult to come to that decision?

I'd love to hear about your experiences!

  1. I applied after having to give up my career in medicine after 22 years. It took me a year just to decide to apply. When approval came through I was devastated as if this meant I was so much worse than I thought. I have been collecting for a year now and it is a blessing financially. I still struggle with the loss of identity going from full time provider to patient.

    1. I was finally diagnosed at age 52, after 35 years of mild symptoms, when my hands became so painful I couldn't work. I have involvement of almost every major joint on both sides of my body. I applied for disability which took about a year to get approval. In my statement to disability I talked a lot about ADLs (activities of daily living) in regards to dressing, bathing, eating, walking. It is also important to talk about the psychological impact and any related diagnoses. I hope this helps!

    2. I had to apply and leave my job as a teacher in 2019. It took a while because of them being behind.

  2. I applied several years ago and I was denied. What a ridiculous messed-up waste of time. Referred to So-called Dr's who did not even show up for the appointment. another one started off the appointment by telling me that he had no vested interest in anything and was not part of any organization that was. The social worker kept telling me that I had a good case and supposedly should get approved. I have my doubts that she knew what she was talking about It was a total was of my time and energy.

    1. Hi @mskitty, I can understand why you would be so angry. I can hear your frustration with the whole experience you went through. I know that the process can be complicated, but it should not be a waste of time. There are ways to appeal a denial. I am sending over an article that explains the process, if you are interested. Wishing you all the best. Jill, Team Member

    2. I got a lawyer to do mine. They don't get paid unless they get you approved.

  3. Jill Brodie, I am not sure who you are or what interest this is of yours but I went through the so-called process. and to get any kind of disability you have to be half-dead, or unable to function on your own. So I drug my ass up and hopefully, I can keep my body working until I can retire. I am quite sure that my time to appeal is over as this was several years ago.

    1. Hi . Jill is one of our moderators. She reached out because she wanted to help. We have dealt with many posts in this community from people who have been denied disability over and over and over again until they were finally approved. Sadly, that seems to be the way the system works. It shouldn't be that way, but it is reality. You can always apply again at any point, regardless of the amount of time that has passed. Many people find it helpful to hire lawyers who specialize in disability claims. They know what judges are looking for and are often more successful the first time around. Many lawyers will take a percent of the settlement rather than insisting on payment up front. I can see how it would be less frustrating to simply keep trying to work though. The process is daunting and there are also downsides to disability, like no insurance and a lower income. No one is trying to push you in any direction. Jill simply wanted to pass on information that you might find helpful. Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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