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Anyone have achilles tendon pain?

Diagnosed with PsA 3 months ago. 19 years old. Been in pain for 3 years.

The worst spot for the last 6 months had been in my achilles tendons. I am on month 2 of simponi biologic. It’s not supposed to work until the 4-6 month mark. My achilles and heel are purple and I haven’t stretched my calf or achilles in 6 months because of fear of rupture. I don’t know how to approach the achilles tendons because they’re so inflamed and I am scared out of my mind they will rupture.

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

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  1. Yes that's where I'm having most of my enthesitis too. Both feet have every tendon swollen! I don't have any answers or suggestions for you tho. I just rest them as much as possible. Dr put me on restrictions of activities of daily living only.

    1. Hi I literally feel your pain. This too affects me. It took 3 years to obtain a diagnosis of PSA. I was advised to write the A, B, C's with my feet before I get out of bed in the morning. I was also told to pick marbles up with my toes.
      I've been reading and researching all I can and I read to use paraffin wax baths for hands/feet. I've just started this, to soon to tell if it helps.
      Desperate to feel better. I was always active and PSA has really knocked me for a loop.

      1. When mine were at their worst I wore night splints. I wore them at night and when sitting. They kept my feet at a 90 degree angle and stopped the achilles tendon tightening up. They worked but took more than 9 months before I could go without them.

        1. Hi I am just now seeing your question. I had the same achille tendon pain. My doctor put me on lasix. I do not know what a fluid reducing pill had to do with it but it did stop the pain. I do not have the problem with my feet or heels causing pain. Vickie W., Community Moderator

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