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    What are your top 3 triggers that cause your psoriatic arthritis to flare up?

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    You know I’ve really struggled with figuring out what those are. It seems like a moving target. But here is my best guess.

    Food, I think, is definitely one. The more I avoid processed foods and refined flour and sugar, and the emptier my stomach is, the less pain I seem to be in. Beer, especially, seems to be a trigger. Which sucks pretty hard because I love a good craft beer.

    Sleep is one, I guess. If you can call it a trigger. My worst time is always the first two hours of the day. After that I’m usually pretty good. But I think that’s pretty typical for psoriatic arthritis.

    And cold would be my third. My wife and I took a vacation to Cancun over the summer and being able to take a dip in the warm ocean every morning worked wonders for my PsA. I don’t think i was really in any pain all week. It got me to thinking about moving to a warmer, more humid climate.

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    Lack of adequate sleep is a big trigger. But, that’s difficult to do when you get stiff and sore from laying in bed for too long. I typically get up after about 4 hours, move around a bit, go back to be and sleep another 3 if I’m lucky.

    Alcohol and certain foods are my number two trigger. I love to go out and have a glass of wine but I’ll pay for it if I do. And, I love fresh tomatoes, salsa, and hot and spicy foods. But, nightshades are a big trigger for me and if I eat any foods out of the nightshade family, then it takes about five days for my joints to calm down.

    But, my biggest trigger by far is STRESS!!! I try to read devotionals and inspiring quotes daily to keep me grounded. I also set aside time on a daily basis for prayer and meditation. Currently I am flaring and have several swollen lymph nodes. That always set’s me into a tailspin! I always get swollen lymph nodes when I flare and I’ve had them checked out in the past with ultrasound, etc. But, I was on biologicals for years so I always have that in the back of my mind. It’s the unknown that causes me the most anxiety. Ugh!

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