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Welcome and Announcements


  • By kanmore1

    It’s quiet around here. Checking in. Hope everyone is feeling their best today 🙂

  • By Rebecca Keymaster

    Hey, @kanmore1!

    It is a bit quiet around here, let me see what tricks I have up my sleeve to get things back moving 🙂 This time of year the conversation can get a little quieter, with the holidays….but the holidays are an important time to reach out to others!

  • By Diane T

    Hello all,

    I am doing well. It has been extremely busy for me this year. I can say that 2018 has been my best year for advocating for this disease. I’ve had my trials and tribulations but will never give up the fight.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  • By ClairG Moderator

    I think it can certainly be a tougher time for some. It has been a hard year for me personally, I have survived some hairy months and I am blessed to be with loved ones around me over Christmas and new years. I am I a very hot Australia, hoping the summer sun will curb this flare.

  • By VickiN Moderator

    I don’t know about all of you, but I am SO ready for the holidays! Hope you are all doing well 🙂
    -Victoria, Community Moderator