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New symptoms

  • By Rvnquest

    I have had psoriatic arthritis for at least 20 years, although only diagnosed about two years ago. Within the last month if I do even moderate walking, swelling of what appears to be tendons occurs. So far right foot and left knee. N both cases, the swelling has yet to go away.

    Has anybody else experienced similar. Will be starting the process of getting physical therapy today.

  • By VickiN Moderator

    Hi @rvnquest, big welcome to you! To your question, yes, psoriatic arthritis can cause issues with the tendons and ligaments:
    Because these are new symptoms it might be worth checking in with your Rheumatologist. I hope that the swelling eases up soon for you. Have you tried some ice packs to help keep it calmer?
    -Victoria, Community Moderator