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Got sick but felt better

  • By NicE

    I caught a stomach bug from one of my kids last weekend. As badly as I felt because of that, I did notice that my joint inflammation and pain (as well as the psoriasis on my scalp) subsided SIGNIFICANTLY! Whhhaaaattt!!?? I want to say, that being an autoimmune disease, having this virus (or whatever it was) took my immune system’s “attention” away from fighting my body and put it where it belongs…fighting something foreign that’s actually making me sick.

    Anybody else experience something like this?

  • By CathyD Moderator

    I definitely notice this with my psoriasis, NicE! If I’m sick, often my psoriasis will look very pale and less flaky. My theory is the same as yours – I feel like my immune system gets distracted by something that it should actually be doing, as opposed to attacking me! Super interesting.

    Has the bug passed? If so, how are your skin and joints feeling now?

  • By Sean

    I’ve been dealing with my inflammatory arthritis for about four years now and I’ve always noticed the same thing. That when I got sick the upside was that I’d get about three weeks of being pain free to go along with it. And I reached the same theory that you did … that my immune system was so busy attacking the virus that it turned its attention away from my body.

    That’s what gives me hope that Humira, which I start on Sunday, will work.

  • By nessasmalls

    Aren’t immune systems funky? I’ve had the same experience. Whenever I get super sick or have something else that needs healing (Tonsillectomy, Wisdom teeth removal, tattoos etc) I heal super fast and for that temporary time my psoriasis and joints are much better. I brought it up to my doctor and got a similar answer of the body healing whats new and neglecting what it usually does. Super weird.