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Treatment Issues


  • By vgowen

    Just actually joined your forum after have been reading the articles on FaceBook. I’ve been diagnosed fir 4 years and have gone through mild flares. I just read an article that included fever as a symptom of flare. I’m in the worst flare i’ve ever experienced, severe exhaustion, extreme joint ache and 4 days of fever. No swelling of joints and no other ohysical complaints. It feels like the flu but minus all the other flu symptoms. My Rheumatologist tells me it must be a virus or bacterial infection because fever diesnt happen with Psoriatic Arthritis. Can anyone help me from thinking im going bonkers?

  • By Leanne Donaldson

    I can assure you, @vgowen, you are NOT going bonkers 🙂 Many many people report flu-like symptoms during a flare, especially a low grade fever. A fever is a sign of inflammation in the body and inflammation is the root symptom of PsA. Many doctor’s prescribe NSAID’s (such as ibuprophen) as a first step in treating PsA for this very reason.
    In my experience, sometimes doctors have “blamed” a virus when they feel they don’t have other evidence to suggest a specific cause they can’t explain. Drives me NUTS!
    I’m sure others will chime in soon, as I know of many who experience a fever during or just a bit before a flare.
    How are you doing now? Do you feel your PsA is more under control now?
    -Leanne, Community Moderator

  • By Sean

    This indirectly leads into a question I’ve had about fevers and biologics.

    Humira works for me. REALLY REALLY well. And I’ve sometimes wondered if it works TOO well. There was a time a month ago I felt I was sick only … without feeling sick. Which sounds odd, I know.

    I itched all over. I could not sleep (fever dreams). I had “pepperoni breath” (as my wife describes it) which I always used to get when I had sinus infections. And I began to wonder … am I sick but only with the Humira controlling my inflammation so I don’t FEEL typically sick?

    I didn’t know if that was possible or not. Still don’t.

  • By Rebecca Keymaster

    Hey vgowen –
    Just wanted to check in and see — how are you feeling? Has the flare gotten any better at all?