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Treatment Issues

Compression clothes thing

  • By summerdoll

    Has anyone else tried compression tights to help with joint pain? And did you find it helpful or not?

  • By Leanne Donaldson

    Hello Summerdoll,
    I have tried compression and have definitely found them to be helpful, but only to a certain degree. Meaning that, they did help, but I wouldn’t say it was an “amazing” help or anything. Worth the time and effort to use it certainly though. If I happen to just be hanging out at my house, I didn’t notice as much of a difference, but if I was out and about, walking around or spending the day on my feet, then they certainly made a noticeable difference. Sometimes if I have a lot of pain at night, I will sleep in them so it isn’t as bad in the morning. I also tried the ones you see on TV with the “copper” in them, but I found those to be poorly made and the copper was kind of a joke, in my opinion at least.
    If you give them a try, let me know how they work for you!

    Leanne, Community Moderator

  • By Mslori28

    I wear them whenever I am hurting .. They do help a lot. Buy yourself a quality set of gloves, nee brace and ankle brace if needed. The copper ones are crap!