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Cocodamol at night

  • By Appleblossom

    I find it extremely difficult to sleep at night unless I take cocodamol. Last night I didn’t take any and found it difficult to sleep, I was restless and uncomfortable. It got to the point that I found it difficult to turn over due to pain and stiffness. I am not really happy with taking cocodamol on a regular basis but my gp reassured me that it was ok and it is prescribed
    Does anyone take regular pain killers at night?

  • By Diane T

    I can mirror your story. It’s so much what I go though. I was taking pain pills 3 times a day everyday. The pain in my body is unbearable. I started taking these drugs in February 2018. I felt the best that I have in years, but I started losing my hair and had to have it cut very short because it was damage; and brought my first wig ever. I spoke to my primary care physician who told me to cut back but it was my rheumatologist who prescribed the medication to me. I just stop taking them all together, but the pain has started to creep back in. I was off the drugs for about a month. Of course we are all different and these meds will effect each of us differently. Let us know what you decide.

    Thank you,


  • By ClairG Moderator

    I take most nights pain killer or Anti inflammatory meds. I try and take only if I have to, which is most of the time anyway. .