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Are you using an assistive device or mobility aid?

  • By Rebecca Keymaster

    What made you decide to get an assistive device or mobility aid? Or, if you aren’t using one, what is holding you back?

  • By Jdubb187

    I guess what is holding me back is the stigma of someone my age (30’s) using a chair or other assistive device, which is silly because i worked for a medical supply company for the last 5 years (prior to this illness). I personally dont care what people think, but i have a daughter in a new elementary school that does care. And i cant blame her. School is tough when youre the new kid, and i dont want to make it any tougher on her. So i sacrifice on bad days and dont use any aids if i have to leave the house. But mostly, i try not to leave the house lol.
    I have used a cane in the past, but to me it was more of a hinderance, than it was helpful. Working with asst. devices for the last 5 years has given me the knowledge of what to use when i do need something, but for now im getting along pretty good. its just easier for me not to use one. But when the time comes, im not afraid….plus my girl wont be the “new kid” for too much longer, so it may be sooner than later.

    Best of luck & STAY STRONG!!!