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Treatment Issues

Acai Berry and green tea

  • By RosemaryOs66

    Hello all.

    I am a newbie and glad to find you.

    As a little background, I have always been diagnosed with psoriasis but not PSA till I was 55 years old. My sister always suffered a more severe case of psoriasis but does not have PSA—as far as we know, My arthritis jumped on me like gangbusters when I was taking BCG treatment for bladder cancer. After a few treatments, I could not walk down the hall without crawling or clutching the wall.

    I am much better now and only (comparatively) have milder flareups, limited mobility in fingers and bouts of severe pain in left and feet when I am immobile and especially at night.

    RA allows me to refuse certain therapeutic protocols because of my cancer history. Methotrexate gives me vaginal, yeast and gum infections. I was afraid of Leflunomide because of hair loss which is also in my history.

    So take Celebrex which I believe is of minimal effect. It is hard to tell.

    Lately, I have needed to make use of a cane because of aching and stiff legs.

    About acai berries, though. I use to take a green tea/acai berry supplement while I was working. It helped with energy and got me through the workday.

    Retired in May, got out of the habit of acai berry supplement. Yesterday, needing energy, I took 2 capsules and walked 3 miles without my cane and no pain during the night.

    Thanks as wonder if anyone has any further experience or knowledge on acai berry and green tea success?

    Thanks a bunch. Glad to have fellow PSA sufferers to talk to.


  • By RosemaryOs66

    Sorry, that would pain in legs and feet and my Doctor allows me a choice of treatment protocol

  • By Diane T

    I am a true believer that certain teas can heal all. I have never used the green tea and acai berry before, but would like to try it. Please let me know if the tea continues to help you.

    Thank you,


  • By ClairG Moderator

    Rosemary, and am I glad you found us. We are always here to vent and share ideas, and keep each other going. What an interesting read! I do hope that it continues to work for you.- Clair.

  • By VickiN Moderator

    @RosemaryOs66, have you ever tried matcha tea? It’s like the sports car of anti-inflammatory teas, in my opinion! I’m not an acai berry lover, but I do love goji berries. I like them in my overnight oats and to drink (there’s a great company here in Canada called gojiccino and it’s goji berry paste that you can make into a hot drink).
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    -Victoria, Community Moderator