Zooming into PsA

I suffered from scalp psoriasis for a year, which spread to my legs and I was diagnosed with both scalp and guttate psoriasis. In just a few months, in August 2017, I experienced swelling in my toes, and knees, and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Now on a course of 25mg of methotrexate weekly, plus trying Ayurveda too. I’m only 35 years old, but I walk with a stick, and cannot stand for long periods of time. My toes are swollen, heels are so painful. My whole family and my partner of 5 years have been amazing – rallying around me, catering to my every need. Same goes for my boss and work colleagues. But I am not able to travel, do my job effectively, and I sometimes feel like I am a burden on everyone. I know this disease has no cure, but I really need to re-evaluate if methotrexate works or not. I’ve only been on the correct dose of it since August, so technically have been taking it only for less than 4 months. Great to connect through this forum! Good wishes and positive greetings to everyone here.

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