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You're Just Fat...

Once the medical community sees you're obese, they can’t get past that. My diagnosis of PsA was delayed 15 years due to a weight bias! My mother had a severe case of psoriasis for as long as I could remember.

At 40, I kept telling my doctors that I know a lot of fat boys that don’t hurt this much. "But, you have osteoarthritis from your weight".

Psoriatic arthritis and weight gain

So for years, I was prescribed NSAIDS until the percocet. Even then 2 years before my PsA diagnosis, a rheumatologist from St Louis did all the appropriate tests. They still called osteoarthritis from weight.

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I finally found a doctor from Washington University that noted my history, my ruined shoulders and bad SI and confirmed I should have been on a biologic.

A psoriatic diagnosis

Now all the damage is done. Hip and shoulder replacements became my fate! I was a 30+ year paramedic. I was devastated. So I went on SSDI and replaced both hips and right shoulder.

As soon as I could, I stopped the percocet, which was hell! I gained more weight and was down for the hip surgeries. My doctor said "If you don’t lose weight you, will be in a wheelchair within 5 years." Again devastated!

Weight loss that works

Now for the light, realizing I’m a carb and sugar addict, I started the ketogenic diet. What a Godsend for me. April 1st, I was 440lbs and today I’m down to 282lbs. Free of narcs and my inflammation is way down.

I am able to exercise four times in one week! I started working part time as a medic again and I finally have hope. So that’s for the experts that rated it the worst diet! My cholesterol is 116 and fasting glucose 92 at the 8-month mark. Now I feel like my PsA is manageable. Thanks to Keto!

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