My life story

Last updated: July 2017

I don't really know where to start, so I'm just going start from the beginning. It'll be long, but I'll be as unemotionally charged as possible.

While during the development of my teeth betweens ages (5-12 months) I was given tetracycline for some kind of infection. Age 5 first dental appt showed teeth to be grey and heavily porous, compared to Swiss cheese. Very unhealthy child life, welfare poor parental life choices...

Damage between shoulders blades, right shoulder age 7. Damage to right ankle not allowed doctor visit age 5th grade. Diagnosed with psoriasis, age 11-12. Undiagnosed Insomnia. Parent doses with Tylenol PM, and any other OTC PM med that would work. This is a permanent plague on life to present. Age 11-12 first four teeth cut out to make room to pull major eye teeth down and close gaps, make room for new molars. Braces for 3 + years? Adult teeth yellowed and fragile. First signs of joint pain, several patches psoriasis, headaches, and stomach pain all begin between ages 12-15. Picked up drinking, smoking cigarettes and marijuana at this time. Between constant dental work, years of poor parental choices, the pain, and no one believing me, downward spiral. Age 17 miscarried before pregnancy known. Age 17 car wreck; t-bone my side hit directly at 45 mph. Passenger ripped me from seat ripping my shoulder out of socket causing far more damage than the other driver hitting me. Physical therapy, Too many pain killers and permanent damage later. Age 19 two teeth cut out for wisdom teeth growth for removal. First six crowns too six incisors. Age 20 no more alcohol or pain killers. Still smoke marijuana and cigarettes. Age 21 pregnant. Quit everything. Found blood type A- RH Factor. Body overwhelmed with pain. Hospitalized repeatedly. Bed ridden. Termination, pain intolerable no drug was helping. Age 21-22 diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis, hiatal hernia, acid reflux disease, and my psoriasis was worse.

Tried a lot of drugs: Celebrex, Vioxx, something that started with a T and something with an S, and none of that worked. Mobic, Advil, Amitriptyline, and Marijuana did the trick. For years. Age 23 two wisdom teeth cut out. Age 24 two new crowns. Age 25 one molar cut out. Age 25 punch steal beam with right hand, permanent damage to pinky knuckle 3. Life gets better than good!

Reconnected with old friend now husband; he's my world! Throughout this entire time normal swelling and aching has taken place, never without pain for more than a few months at a time when some power was smiling at me. Age 28 two motors cut out. Age 31 minor out patient surgery, removal of bronchial cartilage cysts. July 2014. Anger starts coming out more frequently. Punch car door. Stupid, more damage, though strangely no signs of the visible growth show on X-rays as damage... The beginning of my confusion of where I stood with my disease's. Age 27 weight 130-ish healthy active still normal drug regimen. Weight gain topped 185-190 by 2014. Unexplained weight loss down 15 lbs. Start healthy life December 2014. Organic everything, gym time 5 times a week! SO MUCH ENERGY! Insomnia becomes mild, Everything becomes super mild!!! So happy!

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