Still A Kid…

I was 16 when I got psoriatic arthritis but wasn’t diagnosed until over a year later. I’m so thankful for some answers, but it didn’t change one thing:

I feel like I’ve lost the end of my childhood.

Feeling left out because of psoriatic arthritis

While my friends were doing things like camping, going on big trips, playing on teams, etc. I watched from the sidelines. Fear of making my pain worse and high fatigue levels kept me at home in bed. I fell into depression, which of course only made things worse.

Now, as I’m preparing to go to college this spring, I still feel as though I’ve missed some of the fun teen things I deserved. Luckily, I have wonderful family, friends, and a boyfriend who all lend a helping hand to help me experience new things all the time.

Looking forward to the future

My hope for any young person with PsA is that they have the same blessing. While there are still moments I mourn what I’ve lost, I look forward to all that will be. If you’re struggling with something similar, please feel free to reach out. You are not alone.

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