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Recently Diagnosed


I was diagnosed two weeks ago and I’m still in some shock.

Family history

Even though both my mother and sister have PsA, I had previously been told that my arthritis wasn’t the same as theirs. However, the disease has now progressed and it is clear that it is the same. Interestingly, none of us have any external skin issues (my mum has had PsA for 30 years, my sister for 15) but all of us have arthritis.


Although I am somewhat worried by the recommended course of treatment (methotrexate), I have an advantage in that my mother who has totally refused all treatment has shockingly damaged hands and feet and can hardly walk due to foot and knee problems. My sister, on the other hand, who has been consistent with steroid injections and methotrexate has so far minimal damage to her joints.

I’ve had steroid injections in my fingers and shoulder which have hugely helped, and the specialist has given me all the relevant information and I will contact them when I’m ready to start the methotrexate (I’m in Finland).
I’m so pleased that there is a place to be in contact with other people going through the same experience.

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  • CathyD moderator
    2 months ago

    Hey @rebecca2, glad to have you here!! We are here to support you on this journey <3

    A new diagnosis can be a lot to take in. I am not surprised you are feeling shocked after being told you had a different kind of arthritis! Very happy to hear that the steroid injections have made a difference for you. Do you have a date to start methotrexate yet? A lot of us here are either taking it or have taken it in the past, so you're in good company. 🙂 -Catherine, Community Moderator

  • Rebecca2 author
    2 months ago

    Hi Cathy,
    Thank you for your reply. Regarding the methotrexate, I haven’t started yet. The specialist has sent me a huge amount of information about the medicine and said that when I’m ready, if I feel that other joints are being affected, then to call the hospital and I can get an appointment to discuss the next steps. I do feel very lucky as the Finnish system is very cheap (my hospital appointment and injections cost 34 Euros), but also that I have a sister who successfully used methotrexate for 7 years with whom I can talk about the treatment.
    I think that for now, while the exercises for my tendons and steroid injections are working, I’ll wait with the methotrexate.

  • CathyD moderator
    2 months ago

    That sounds like a good plan, @rebecca2! How often do you do the tendon exercises? I have trouble with my Achilles sometimes :/

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