PsA Without Much Psoriasis

I was diagnosed with PsA about 3.5 years ago when I had Achilles' tendinitis and my toenails were discolored or coming off. After xrays and blood tests, it confirmed it. But apart from my nail beds, I don't have any psoriasis anywhere. I suffer with my heels and now my shoulder, occasionally my fingers. My lower spine and knees have osteoarthritis apparently. It's hard. I've had an addiction to cocodamol as I can't tolerate any anti-inflammatory tablets. But I only have 2 or 3 a day now. Jointace and Flexiseq gels are brilliant. I also have diabetes and recently, high blood pressure! I'm falling apart! Being single with 2 autistic sons is bloody difficult and I struggle with anxiety and depression, probably because I get no respite and little or no help. This heat makes it much worse too.
Well, I expect that's cheered you right up!
I'm glad I found a site where people will understand about PsA.
Luv, Melanie x

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