PSA: My Uninvited Guest

PSA Disease is quite a myriad of symptoms. Some are quite extreme and painful and are always present. Some come and go like the uninvited guest. Many symptoms are unique only to a few chosen, unlucky participants that would rather not participate but find this unwanted disease is here for good with no plans to leave.

There is the joint pain-ever present, always the reminder when you open your eyes in the morning that life with PSA isn’t going anywhere. Just where it decides to reside is the million dollar question. It is always in my lower back, knees and shins—so reliable, never disappoints and is always on cue. What pals have caught a ride and plan to visit today? The weather can usually dictate that.

If I am really batting a thousand a flare will take up residence. There is rarely a reason why but always a good guess that the flare is about to stay a while, just how long the visit will be is unpredictable. Rest assured it will be at your beck and call. Could be a few days maybe, probably a week or two, never know. Be prepared for lots of hot flashes, flushes, and freezes and not always in that order. Be especially ready for foggy thinking and forgetting the names of everything and everyone and not getting around very well. The dining menu-well there is none.

Right now it’s been 10+ days of high humidity and dew points through the roof so I am a prisoner in my home. Thank God for air conditioning.

There are days my pelvis and hips will take part in the activities, also the ankles will sting with every step too. My fingers after awakening are always stiff and sausage like but some days my hand does not want to leave the cane handle....stuck....ouch. I have mentioned before and I will say it again I am the tin man. There is no oil to help.

I want to take a vacation from PSA. Right now the only means of transportation is a DMARD or Biologic. I am on my “umpteenth” medication. They don’t work....maybe this one will work, gotta be upbeat, positive-right?

I look forward to a welcome visitor, free from this disease with days of enjoyment, free of pain.

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