My Psoriatic Arthritis Pain and Mental Health


I'm 56 years old, male, and have been dealing with Psoriatic Arthritis now for over 8 years. The link between autoimmune disease, pain, depression, and the stigma that goes with it.

Psoriatic arthritis and mental health

I have noticed my depression, anxiety, mood swings from uncontrollable crying to threatening behaviour, memory problems to suicidal thoughts (not that I would do it, have not got the balls and it would upset a few people). I feel something is not right in my head. People say go to the doctor for help, but all he wants to do is UP my medication and go and see a shrink (been there done that and it is not the answer).

Painful symptoms

The problem is and nobody gets it is PAIN management!!! How can you explain this to someone who is not going through what you're going through? They don't get it. I am so fatigued and tired all the time. Why? They say exercise will do you good. I can't walk to the letterbox without getting breathless. The burning pain in my lower back, hands, fingers, knees, feet, toes, ankles. I can no longer work anymore because of this shit I live with every day. I also have (PRD) Peripheral Artery Disease. Ultrasound showed my right leg 70% blocked and my left leg 60% blocked. Insomnia. I take 15mg Mirtazapine which helps me sleep for half the night. The other half of the night I just lay there with so much shit running through my head, Now in the morning it's a whole other drama just getting out of bed!!! Still, nobody gets it. I need pain management. They tell me to take Paracetamol. O.K that's 6 tablets a day 42 tablets a week 2,688 a year, THAT DON'T BLOODY WORK FOR MY PAIN? (Hello) I take DMARDS for my Psoriatic Arthritis, 51 tablets a week, 2,652 a year.

Manaing multiple conditions with psoriatic arthritis

This is where the link between autoimmune disease comes in. I have an enlarged prostate where I have trouble peeing. I can not empty my bladder unless I have a bowel movement first to take the pressure of my bladder. Sexual dysfunction. Might as well cut the bastard off does not work. The Misses not happy. Is there a link between autoimmune disease and these problems? I suggest YES. Now how do we fix this? A proper pain management plan PLEASE. I do not want to take an opiate-based medication because I have seen what it does to the people that take it. CBD oil in Australia is still far too expensive and too many hoops you have to jump through and there is no way I can afford it.

Is there somebody out there in Psoriatic Arthritis land who can help me?

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